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The Nordic Fire Rosanna wood-burning stove is very sturdy, characterized by the massive cast-iron door. Equipped with the latest combustion technology, the efficiency of this stove is very high.

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The Nordic Fire Rosanna wood-burning stove is characterized by the massive cast-iron door. This not only gives the stove a tough character, but is also very sturdy. On the top you will find a warming plate where you can, for example, keep a pot of tea nice and warm.

The Rosanna is of course equipped with the latest combustion technology. Thanks to the optimal combustion, the efficiency of this stove is very high. The top is also equipped with an extra warming plate, so that your delicious dishes can be kept warm.

The modern wood-burning stoves are lined with vermiculite on the inside. This is a material that strongly reflects the heat. As a result, the combustion will take place at a much higher temperature, which benefits the efficiency.


Capacity output8 kW
Power range5.5 – 10 kg/h
Efficiency80.4 %
Max. m³ to be heated220 m³
Dimensions H x W x D995 x 605 x 540 mm
Flue outletTop or rear
Flue outlet diameterØ 150 mm
External air supplyØ 120 mm
Weight164 kg
Suitable for logs of35 cm



The environment and sustainability are of great importance to Nordic Fire. That is why our wood burning stoves are developed in accordance with the strict European legislation on which EcoDesign2022 is based. The focus is on minimizing the emissions of particulate matter and CO2 when heating your home.


Heat-resistant vermiculite

The Nordic Fire wood stove is equipped with the strongest vermiculite in the burner space. By using the highest quality vermiculite, the temperature in the stove is many times higher: this results in a nicer fire and a higher efficiency.

Fire has never been so bright

Nordic Fire only works with high-quality materials, so that the wood-burning stove has optimal combustion and the glass remains extra clean: fire has never been so bright.

Nordic Fire warranty

Nordic Fire strives for satisfied customers, whereby we are also lenient with the guarantee scheme. It is not for nothing that we give a 2-year warranty for the wood-burning stoves, including the central heating models. In this way you can burn carefree for years.

Optimal air control

The air supply can be adjusted with the integrated air slides. This allows you to always supply the right amount of air to the fire for optimal combustion and the best flames.

EcoDesign 2022

Nordic Fire is continuously working on the latest developments and technologies to deliver the highest possible quality wood-burning stoves. All Nordic Fire fireplaces comply with the EcoDesign 2022 legislation: with a Nordic Fire wood stove you are prepared for the future!

sealed cast iron brazier

quartz ignition plug


glass fiber cable

pellet cruise control

weekly programmer