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The HRV Viktor is a modern central heating pellet boiler stove that can be used to heat your radiators and underfloor heating. The central heating pellet stove can also function well in conjunction with an existing central heating boiler, solar panels or heat pump.

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The HRV Viktor is a modern central heating pellet boiler stove that can be used to heat your radiators and underfloor heating. The central heating pellet stove can also function well in conjunction with an existing central heating boiler, solar panels or heat pump. The HRV Viktor has a convection fan that can be switched on and off. Thanks to the new combustion technology, the fire is even more beautiful and quieter. In addition, the innovative automatic cleaning tilting grate ensures that you can burn for quite some time without having to clean the stove. The HRV Viktor is equipped with a complete control system with which the fire can be set completely as desired on time and water temperature.

The HRV Viktor is adjustable to the water temperature of the radiators. And by setting a weekly schedule, you can let the pellet stove work fully automatically without you having to worry about it. Choose the desired time for heating your home. In the meantime, the pellet stove keeps your home at the water temperature and will work in a modulating way or even automatically switch off when there is sufficient heat. If the weather gets too cold, the pellet stove will start automatically.

This pellet boiler stove works just as well and efficiently as the modern gas-fired boiler, but you now also enjoy the flame effect and save a lot on your heating costs because firing with pellets is cheaper than firing with natural gas.

The HRV Viktor central heating pellet stove is fully complete and is equipped with a central heating pump, overpressure protection, expansion tank (for the central heating pellet stove), temperature safety. In combination with a connection package, this can be connected to the existing central heating boiler.

As an extra, the HRV Viktor has an extra fan on the top, which brings extra heat into the living room if desired. As a result, it heats up faster in the living room.

Nordic Fire has all the accessories to connect your central heating fire correctly and safely. The combination with solar collectors is also possible.


Nominal adjustable power4.3 – 15 kW
Heat to central heating system3 – 11.7 kW
Pellet fuel consumption1 – 3.2 kg/h
Efficiency95.9 %
Flue outletRear
Flue outlet diameterØ 80 mm
External air supplyØ 50 mm
Capacity pellet container17 kg
Burn time (min-max hours)5 – 25 hrs
Dimensions H x W x D1100 x 520 x 540 mm
Weight180 kg
Window cleaning systemYES



Nordic Fire values the environment and its sustainability. As a result, our pellet stoves are designed in conformity with the demanding European regulation that supports EcoDesign2022. When it comes to heating your home, the focus is to reduce particulate matter and CO2 emissions


Long lifespan

Long lifespan

A Nordic Fire pellet stove has a long lifespan thanks to the high-quality materials from which the stove is built. The stove is made of cast iron and heavy steel and the burner chamber is equiped with the strongest vermiculite. This has the advantage that less heat can radiate to the electronic parts of the stove.

Timer & Thermostat

Timer & Thermostat

Comfort is paramount at Nordic Fire: that is why all pellet stoves are equipped with an extensive timer function with which you can set various programs. In addition, thanks to the thermostat, you can set a desired temperature for automatic control of the pellet stove.

Auto Pilot System

Auto Pilot System

The Nordic Fire pellet stove is equipped with the innovative Auto Pilot System. This system automatically adjusts the pellet feed and burn rate through temperature measurements. Result: increased efficiency and savings on pellet consumption.

Stepless continuous gearmotor

Stepless continuous gearmotor

To completely eliminate the sound of the gearmotor, Nordic Fire uses a continuously running auger motor. This auger motor is completely silent thanks to the fact that it can run at different speeds without having to start or stop: a noise that could lead to irritation in the past.

Quick Start

Quick start

A Nordic Fire pellet stove is equipped with a quartz glowing plug, this kind heats up within 10 seconds and becomes many times hotter than a standard glowing plug. By using this innovative glowing plug, the pellet stove starts up much faster and smoke development is minimal. In addition, power is saved because the start-up time is much shorter.

Full Auto Cleaning

Full Auto Cleaning

The new Nordic Fire pellet stoves are equipped with Full Auto Cleaning. The burner plate automatically tilts before the stove is switched on. As a result, the remaining ashes are removed to the ash pan. The risk of blockage is therefore in the past: you can also continue burning for up to a month without having to empty the ash pan.

WiFi & app

WiFi enabled via Smartphone

With a Nordic Fire pellet stove, WiFi is standard and free! In addition to the extensive TOUCH control, the pellet stove can be operated from anywhere via your smartphone or tablet. Prepared for the future!

Beautiful Fire

Thanks to the new, patented combustion technology, in which the air supply comes out above the fire, a much nicer and calmer fire image is created. In addition, the flames are also bigger. A Nordic Fire pellet stoves has the most beautiful fire for a reason.



A Nordic Fire pellet stove is the quietest of its kind, this is achieved by using various innovations*: including the stepless gear motor, cast iron heat exchanger, and adjustable convection fan.

* the innovations mentioned are model dependent, see product page

sealed cast iron brazier

quartz ignition plug


glass fiber cable

pellet cruise control

weekly programmer