Nordic Fire is a Dutch company that designs, manufactures and sells Pellet & Wood Air and Boiler Stoves through a network of dealers all across Europe, focusing on the development of high quality stoves to make your house a home.

Nordic Fire Ireland is focused on the development of high-quality products with a dedicated dealer network within Ireland, Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom, with a team of trained professionals that are knowledgeable and trained to provide excellent customer service and back up support.


There are many reasons to choose a Nordic Fire stove.

Here are some of the unique advantages of a Nordic Fire product.


A Nordic Fire pellet stove is much more efficient

A Nordic Fire pellet stove not only looks beautiful, but is also equipped with the most modern techniques, making a Nordic Fire pellet stove much more efficient in use.

Auto Pilot System

The innovative Auto Pilot System provides automatic control of pellets when the correct flue gas temperatures are reached. This saves you a lot in pellet consumption. In addition, the unnecessary rise of the chimney temperature, resulting in heat loss through the chimney, is a thing of the past.

The Nordic Fire Auto Pilot System not only saves pellets and power, but also ensures effective combustion.

Quartz glowing plug

Furthermore, a Nordic Fire pellet stove is equipped with a quartz glowing plug. A quartz glowing plug heats up within 10 seconds and becomes many times hotter than a standard (steel) glowing plug. By using this innovative glow plug, the pellet stove starts up much faster and the smoke development is minimal. In addition, power is saved because the start-up time is much shorter.

A Nordic Fire pellet stove is the quietest of its kind

A Nordic Fire pellet stove is much quieter, and for good reason. Through years of experience and development, we only use the quietest fans and rotating parts.

Relax function or switchable convection fan

The convection fan is standard equipped with a Relax function, which allows the fan to run at the lowest power. In addition, we have the largest selection of pellet stoves that are equipped with a convection fan that can be switched off, making the pellet stove even quieter and you can enjoy a radiant stove.

Stepless auger motor

Our pellet stoves are standard equipped with a stepless auger motor for the supply of pellets. Because the auger motor rotates constantly, the humming sound of a slowing auger motor is a thing of the past with a Nordic Fire pellet stove.

We are proud to say that a Nordic Fire pellet stove is the quietest of its kind.

A Nordic Fire pellet stove is easy to use

A Nordic Fire pellet stove is much easier to use with many modern and unique features.


A Nordic Fire pellet stove is equipped with an automatically cleaning ash grate. The ash grate automatically tilts when the stove is switched on. As a result, the remaining ashes are discharged into the ash compartment. Due to the self cleaning ash grate you do not have to check daily whether the burner tray is clean enough for a correct ignition. You can burn much longer and carefree without having to clean the pellet stove.

Modern control

A Nordic Fire pellet stove is standard* equipped with an extensive TOUCH remote control and also equipped with a handy WIFI app as standard and free of charge. This allows the Nordic Fire pellet stove to be operated from any location.

Burn twice as long without maintenance

A standard pellet stove needs maintenance after 1000 burning hours. Thanks to the exceptionally clean combustion and the self-cleaning function, maintenance with a Nordic Fire pellet stove is only necessary after 2000 burning hours. This allows you to heat for much longer and you also save on maintenance costs.

* some models excluded

A Nordic Fire pellet stove lasts longer

Thanks to the high-quality parts that are used, a Nordic Fire pellet stove lasts much longer than a standard pellet stove.

Only the best for your pellet stove

  • A chrome-plated screw, which is therefore wear-resistant.
  • A cast iron ash grate, almost indestructible thanks to its thickness.
  • A quartz filament glowing plug of a steel glowing plug.
  • Heat-reflecting vermiculite which makes the used parts, including the electronic control, much less hot and therefore less sensitive to the high temperature in the stove.

Just a few examples of the innovative materials we use to maximize the lifespan of your pellet stove.

1 Year Warranty

Thanks to the use of these high-quality materials, we offer a 1 year warranty in Ireland.

Nordic Fire only chooses the best parts so that you can enjoy the pellet stove for the longest time.